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Vintage Biplane Flights over The West Midlands in a WW2 Boeing Stearman.

Experience the thrill of taking the controls and feeling the wind in your face, in this iconic open cockpit WW2 training aircraft based at Halfpenny Green Airport



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Your pilot, Andy Davenport, is a current Flying Instructor, with over 10,000 hours flight time on more than 50 aircraft types, ranging from Spitfires to Gulfstream corporate jets,  operating Worldwide. 
Andy has also held CAA Display Authorisations for both the Douglas DC3 and Spitfire.

This Boeing Stearman started life as an inter-war trainer for  Army Air Force and Navy pilots.

The aircraft's benign handling characteristics, and robust structure with G limits of +12G and -9G, made it the ideal training aircraft, able to endure the worst that it's trainee pilots could inflict!!


Tens of thousands of Allied WW2 pilots trained on this type of aircraft.


Explore the skies in our open cockpit aeroplane, whilst getting a new perspective of the stunning British countryside


Experience a bygone era of aviation.

History of our Boeing A75 Stearman

PT13A 37-89 “466”


466 was one of only 92 PT13A’s constructed and the 45th example of the 10,346 aircraft produced. This figure includes equivalent spare parts. The actual total number of aircraft that were completed and went on to fly, was 8,428.

  • October 1937. Delivered from Boeing’s Wichita Plant and assigned to D Flight, 2332nd Base Unit Randolph Field, Texas, and given ID 466
  • January 1938, Involved in a mid-air collision on take-off with a sister aircraft. Following repairs at San Antonio, 466 returned to service at Randolph Field, Texas
  • August 1939. Assigned to Contract Pilot School (CPS) Curtis Reynolds Field. Illinois
  • March 1941. Assigned to Spartan School of Aeronautics, Muskogee, Oklahoma.
  • 21st May 1941. Assigned to CPS, 3051st Base Unit, Hemet Field, California.
  • 25th October 1941 Assigned to the C.P.S. Visalia-Dinuba School of Aeronautics, 3051st Base Unit, Sequoia Field, California
  • 28th March 1942. Assigned to CPS at Hancock Field, California 
  • 2nd February 1943. Cadet Joseph E Mellen undershot the runway at Auxiliary Airfield Souza and hit a boundary Fence, damaging both lower wings. He subsequently carried out two further circuits before landing to inspect the damage. Repairs completed at Cal-Aero Field, Chino, California.
  • 13th July 1943. Walter Allen Field, PT13B 40-1608, operated by civilian instructor Fred Tattoom, taxied into 466 causing significant damage. Transferred back to Cal Aero Academy for repairs.
  • 18th August 1943. Returned to Hemet Field, California.
  • Early December 1944. Assigned to Army Air Force Base Napier Field, Alabama.
  • 18th December 1944. Nosed over on landing to avoid a collision. Pilot 2nd Lt George D Brannon uninjured.
  • 6th July 1945. Assigned to Georgia Aero Tech C.P.S., Bush Field, Augusta, Georgia
  • 10th July 1945. Struck off charge and handed to US Aeroplane Carriers Inc.
  • 30th November 1945. Sold to Maryland Airlines Inc. for $800.00 and acquired the civil registration N60658, changing to N731 in 1953. The aircraft remained as N731 until being placed on the UK register in 2016 as G-PTBA





One of 37-89's fellow 'D' Flight machines over Randolph Field in mid 1938. The fuselage appears to be a dark blue. However, this is due to the use of Panchromatic film with an orange filter. This makes the light blue appear darker. Over the years, this has led to many restored Stearman's being finished in darker than original shades

Lloyd Stearman with the final production aircraft.

Prices for our Flights:

20 minutes £220 
30 minutes £300 
40 minutes £400 
60 minutes £500


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I was lucky enough to be given a gift voucher for a flight with Andy in his fantastic Boeing Stearman. Booking the flight was easy. When I arrived for my flight I was greeted by Andy who made me feel at ease. We had a relaxed chat about the safety brief and what we would do during the flight. We then walked out to the aircraft I was surprised just how big it is when you get up close and personal with it. 
After being strapped in and being connected to the radio we started the big radial engine. You feel the wind in your face from the propeller wash and hear the engine throbbing away. 
After clearance from the tower we taxied out to the runway. 
After checking all the controls were good Andy opened the throttle. Within second the tail lifted and after another few seconds the main landing gear left the ground and we we up and away. At a safe height I was handed control and under Andy’s instruction we flew out over Tewkesbury and the Malverns before returning to Gloucestershire Airport were Andy brought us in for a graceful landing on the grass. 
It was probably the best flight that I have had and will never forget it and would love to do it again. 
Thanks Andy. 

 Pete, Cheltenham, June 2023

Fantastic flight experience in Andy’s beautiful vintage Stearman.   First ever flight for me in a classic biplane and worth every minute soaring over the Cotswold countryside against a bright blue sky.   After a full safety and operational briefing, it’s off to get strapped into the aircraft and enjoy what can only be called a unique flying experience.  As a flyer since 1971, I can only say it’s reminiscent of a golden age of aviation now past.  And a unique opportunity to create great memories. On top of that, Andy is not only a highly experienced pilot but also a welcoming guy who puts people at ease. Carpe Diem !  

Alex, Southampton, UK. July 2023.      

I recently took a flight with Andy in his Boeing Stearman. A fantastic experience that I shall never forget. 
My first ever flight in a biplane, first in an open cockpit and so much more. Andy let me take control to guide the aircraft to Worcester and back. I was expecting to work hard, but no, it was so easy to fly, requiring only gentle inputs. The view was stunning, everything was so clear, no bug filled plexiglass to spoil the enjoyment. 
Experienced pilot or first timer, this is something that you should experience for yourself.

Tony, Wolverhampton, UK. July 2023.

Having received a gift voucher I was very much looking forward to this flight in the Stearman and my expectations were exceeded in every respect. The welcoming atmosphere at Cotswold Aero Club, and the clear pre-flight briefing from experienced pilot Andy put me at ease. The aircraft was in pristine condition and more comfortable than I had expected. Following a smooth take-off from the grass runway, once clear of the circuit I was privileged to take the controls for some of the flight before returning for an exceptionally smooth landing by expert pilot Andy. Evocative of a different era, the whole experience of flying in such an iconic vintage biplane was superb and I would thoroughly recommend it. 

Bernard, Portishead, August 2023.

I had an absolutely brilliant flight in the Boeing Stearman piloted by Andrew. It was 20 years since I last went up in a light aircraft and this was such an amazing experience. It is a really beautiful aircraft.

Nick, Cheltenham, September 2023.



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